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Proudly serving the Waterloo Region with the best in comprehensive eye care

Eye Care Services

Good sight should not be taken for granted. A comprehensive annual eye exam is an important part of overall health management.There are many ocular diseases and conditions that can remain undetected without a proper eye exam. The Waterloo Vision Care Clinic provides comprehensive eye care utilizing the most advanced methods and technology available and is one of Waterloo Region’s most respected optometric practices.

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Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses

Waterloo Vision Care Clinic carries a large selection of affordable and designer frames. We only use the best optical lenses available to ensure crisp clear vision and our onsite edging facility provides next day availability for most prescriptions.

We fit and provide contact lenses from  all the leading contact lens brands.Whether it is for hockey once a week, a special occasion when you want to enhance or change your eye colour, or full time wear, we can help you choose the lens that is right for you.

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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser  eye surgery is a modern scientific wonder. For those dependent on glasses or contact lenses, it represents  freedom and can be a life changing event. If you are thinking of the benefits of sight without glasses our doctors can determine if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery and help you choose the best procedure