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coloured contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Thinking about the freedom of contact lenses? Our clinic and its experienced team of contact lens experts make it easy to succeed in contact lenses. Our personalized new wearers program offers a complete system to get you wearing contact lenses as quickly as possible.

Contact lenses can provide excellent vision just like glasses with some advantages and disadvantages.


  • better peripheral vision
  • your eyes will not be distorted (smaller or bigger) as they can be with glasses
  • will not fog up in the cold or warm temperature changes
  • equivalent or better vision than glasses
  • cost is about the same to replace contacts as glasses on an annual basis


  • cleaning of lenses on a daily basis is a must (unless daily disposables)
  • some extra time needed in the morning to insert the lenses
  • risk of infection if the lenses are not cleaned properly or replaced as recommended

Types Of Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (Hard)

  • can correct most prescriptions and may be ideal for large amounts of astigmatism
  • are used frequently with keratoconus (a disease of the cornea that causes increased curvature and thinning of the cornea)
  • have been available for 30+ years, with continuous improvements in materials
  • are the least expensive replacement cost as the lenses last a long time
  • are more difficult to adapt to, usually takes days to weeks
  • can be dislodged more easily during sports
  •  require daily removal and cleaning

Daily Soft Contact Lenses (single use)

  • are available in most prescriptions, but some limitation with higher prescriptions
  • quick adaptation
  • are very convenient  as no daily cleaning is required
  • always have a spare lens
  • are good for sports as they do not dislodge from the eye easily
  • slightly more expensive than biweekly or monthly lenses
  • have a low risk of infection

Biweekly or Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

  • quick adaptation
  • require daily removal and cleaning
  • always have a spare lens
  • slightly less cost than dailies
  • are good for sports as they do not dislodge easily from the eye

Extended Wear Soft Contact Lenses

  • lenses can be left in the eyes for 1, 2 or 4 weeks without removal
  • cleaning of lenses is minimal
  • have limited prescription availability
  •  the risk of infection is highest with this lens and immediate examination  is required if redness or discomfortoccurs
  • are good for sports as they do not dislodge easily from the eye

Coloured Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses can be clear or tinted. Tints are used to make handling easier, or to enhance or change eye colour.

Cosmetic enhancement tints  are translucent and are designed to enhance or change your eye colour and are best for light eyes (blue, green, hazel). The colour or your eye becomes enhanced when wearing these lenses.

Opaque “cosmetic” tints  change the apparent colour of your eyes whether it is light or dark. This can result in an eye colour with a natural look that is different than your normal eye colour.

New contact lens products now allow you to just define your eye without changing the colour of your eyes.  The image below the navigation bar above demonstrates how the 1-Day Acuvue DEFINE enhances your eye. To see the lenses on your eye colour check out this website:


Multifocal Contact Lenses

If you are wearing reading glasses or bifocal glasses and you would like an alternative, multifocal contact lenses may allow you to see at both distance and near without glasses.


First Time Contact Lens Wearer

After a comprehensive eye examination, you will return for a contact lens fitting. Trial lenses will be placed on your eyes and if your vision is good and the optometrist is happy with the fit of the lenses, then you will be instructed on insertion, removal and care of your contact lenses. If you succeed in insertion and removal, you may take the lenses home that same day. We provide a starter kit of solution, written instructions, after-hour emergency phone number and schedule your followup appointments for 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months. 

We attempt to get your wearing your new lenses as quickly as possible.

Contact Lens Solutions, Eye Drops

Our office provides many common brands of contact lens solutions and artificial tears at very competitive pricing. If we don’t have what you are looking for our helpful staff can determine if it could be ordered for you.  Always be sure to have solution on hand so your lenses can be properly disinfected to avoid infection in your eyes and time out of lenses.These are some of the solutions we carry at the office.


Acuvue Moist contact lens
Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Air Optix Contact lens
Contact Lenses
Acuvue Oasis for Astigmatism
Clear Care contact lens solution
Bio true contact lens solution
OptiFree contact lens solution